This website aims to pay a heartfelt tribute to our present and future stakeholders.

A tribute underlined by our constant commitment to improvement and endorsed by the international leadership of our creations and ceramic solutions, positioning our stakeholders in a solid position at the forefront of the ceramics market.

Driving the convergence between creativity and alchemy, between art and technology. Synthesizing everyday experiences through artistic sensitivity. Awakening the poetic dimension that lies within matter. Transforming your interests into infinite metres of profitable assurance: we are the architects of ceramic solutions.

Thank you for putting your trust in us, the value of which is incalculable. If eyes are the windows of the soul, then you are the soul of quimiCer.
With this slogan, quimiCer aims to distil its very essence: “tell me how you do it, and I’ll tell you who you are”.
A phrase that seeks active involvement and understanding through our everyday endeavours, charging every letter and its typology with meaning and purpose, with visions and reflections, with desires and goals, with work and dreams, with commitments and solutions.

We create art, because our products are artistic creations; they emerge from our in-depth knowledge, experience and skill; from our love for our work. From passion and curiosity; from imagination and creativity.

We create art with technology, based on a constant commitment to improvement, to the progressive optimization of results. A technology involving Man and Machines in an alchemy which, diminishing time, transforms endeavour into productive output.

We create art with technology plus design, design being understood as order. Order and planning, based on a rigorous analysis of every situation. An analysis which gives birth to a project. A project founded on knowledge as a means of anticipating potential situations, avoiding problems. At quimiCer we use Art and Technology to design solutions for our clients’ expectations. Solutions which help our stakeholders to achieve a strong, proactive position at the forefront of their markets.

At quimiCer, we create art with technology plus design, and we do it with agility. Agility in terms of putting into practice streamlined, active, dynamic, modular management structures which go above and beyond the rapid response that clients’ demand, seeking to anticipate them. And that’s because we’ve adopted the approach that only by anticipating problems can you avoid them.
We work towards consolidating our already-acquired values of reliability, experience, quality, commitment and assurance. Our years of experience have allowed us to imbue each and every one of these concepts with meaning.

This is the reality of quimiCer, a Group whose committed goal is the peace of mind and success of its clients. We design ceramic solutions; solutions with which our clients will be able to produce aesthetic and technical solutions for living spaces. We create art with technology plus design and agility.

At quimiCer we constantly strive to make everything that you could possibly dream of a reality.

[art] The reward, the fruit of creation conceived from knowledge: love, beauty and truth.
[technology] A balanced relationship between Man and Machine, transforming time into products.
[design] The study, analysis and outcome that enables you to anticipate the evolution of your market.
[agility] Giving a continuous impetus to everything that emerges from our creation.
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